Tuesday, 9 February 2010

'Best' at Waterside Theatre

Belfast contemporary dance company Maiden Voyage will bring their new production 'Best' to Waterside Theatre on 25th February 2010. See following press release for information...

On the pitch, George Best’s dribbles, shimmies, passes and goals were regarded as art in motion. Now a multinational, Belfast-based dance troupe will act out some of Best’s greatest moves in homage to the late Manchester United and Northern Ireland footballer. Maiden Voyage are staging a performance on 25th February at the Waterside Theatre in which key moments of Best’s life, both on and off the football field, will be laid out in a series of dance moves.

Scottish choreographer and football fanatic Andy Howitt, a self-confessed “football addict” said his dancers would act out key moments from Best’s life in 1948, 1958, 1968 and 1978. The performance would take Best from his early days on Belfast’s Cregagh estate to Manchester, then the European Cup final against Benfica and finally his life in Los Angeles.

Howitt described the production as a “labour of love. I chose to do this because people can understand it. They think they know the Best story. They think they know the man. For me it’s about being able to show a new way of telling the Best story”

Best will be visiting The Waterside Theatre on Thursday 25th February. Telephone the Box Office on 02871 314000 or book online at www.watersidetheatre.com.

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